Southwest Resolution Advisors assists lenders, receivers and owners in evaluating distressed property assets.  We provide an array of services, including due diligence, property work-out, asset preservation and management,  and disposition advisory services.  In addition, in commercial litigation and  bankruptcy context, we provide litigation support and expert testimony services.


Due Diligence    Support often begins with due diligence.  Due diligence is critical to asset evaluation and future value.  Due diligence includes document/file/financial accountability review, assessing physical condition of the property, documenting available and required infrastructure, understanding cash flow, revenue streams and expenses, documenting status of planning, entitlements and zoning, and documenting regulatory and municipal code compliance.


Asset Preservation In the distressed property realm, quick, decisive action is often required to preserve asset quality and value through effective asset management.  We can provide the necessary staffing, inspections, ongoing documentation, and hands-on cash flow and expense management. We also can assist with vendor management, maintenance and/or completion of key entitlements and plans, management of construction in-progress and monitoring often complex regulatory compliance obligations.

Asset Management and Property Work-out Advisory Services Often work-outs require an in-depth analysis of market conditions, re-positioning studies, financial analysis, loan evaluations and sound valuation advice.  SRA provides these and other advisory services tailored to the specific property requirements.


Disposition Advisory Services The ability to identify property marketability strengths and weaknesses, determine market timing to maximize recovery and understand a property’s competitive environment are key to successful and timely disposition.  Our  many years of experience  and strategic partnerships with specialist brokerage firms by product type produce a clear perspective on the likely buyer pool and their return expectations,  applying realistic, market-based valuation models to develop sound, executable disposition strategies.

Acquisition Advisory Services Many of the analytical and market-based knowledge tools critical to disposition prove invaluable to the distressed property acquisition process.  We provide unbiased, third party advisory services ranging from developing and directing acquisition strategy to identifying target product types, submarkets and assets.  We provide inspection, due diligence, and asset underwriting services to the investment community and perform a crucial brokerage interface role that utilizes specialist brokers most knowledgeable in the asset classes targeted. We can interpret the myriad technical property and market data and make informed recommendations for specific acquisitions.

Litigation Support / Expert Testimony Services We bring decades of operational experience to bear for our clients in the litigation arena.  Services include litigation strategy, economic and market analysis, valuation and survey methodology, damage calculation, plan feasibility, interest rate and discount rate calculation, and cash flow evaluation and analysis - all tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

More on Services:

Representative Activities:

Property Due Diligence Review
•    Due diligence analysis

•    Development Agreement review
•    Construction Management Agreement review
•    Joint Development Agreement review
•    Entitlement review
•    Construction documentation review
•    Plan approval review
•    Infrastructure review
•    Development Impact Fee review
•    Development Reimbursements review
•    Construction assurance review
•    Construction status audit
•    Regulatory permit review
•    Environmental compliance review
•    Dept of Real Estate (DRE) compliance review

•    Photo Journal and general site condition survey
•    Construction completion strategy and recommendations
•    Development Agreement strategy and recommendations
•    Construction Management recommendations
•    Joint Development Agreement strategy and recommendations
•    Entitlement processing completion
•    Plan approval renewal / extension processing
•    Infrastructure analysis/ options evaluation / recommendations
•    Development Impact Fee analysis / recommendations
•    Development Reimbursements analysis / recommendations / processing
•    Regulatory permit renewals / extensions processing
•    Environmental compliance analysis / recommendations / processing
•    DRE compliance processing
•    Construction cost-to-complete estimate
•    Construction assurance evaluation / recommendations

Entitlement & Development Due Diligence and Asset Management

    •    Due diligence analysis

    •    Document review / organization

    •    Property status evaluation

    •    Property Summary preparation

    •     SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)

    •    Asset preservation planning

    •    Disposition services

    •    Development Agreement review

    •    Reimbursement Agreement review

    •    Development impact fees / credits review

    •    Construction Management Agreement review

    •    Joint Development Agreement review

    •    Entitlement analysis

    •    Construction documentation

    •    Plan approval review

    •    Infrastructure analysis

    •    Regulatory permit review

    •    Entitlements completion, compliance

    •    Zoning, stipulations

    •    Preliminary plat completion

    •    Final plat, site plan completion

    •     Improvement plan review, completion

    •    Municipal compliance

    •    Permits/building code compliance

    •    Design modifications

    •    Regulatory compliance

    •    Dust control compliance

    •    SWPPP (storm water erosion) compliance

    •    NPDES (storm water discharge) compliance

    •    404/401 permit compliance

    •    Habitat compliance

    •    Environmental compliance

    •    Tax obligations evaluation

    •    Property taxes appeal management

    •    Community Facilities District (CFD) obligations

    •    Special District (SD) obligations

    •    Improvement District (ID) obligations

    •    Infrastructure analysis

    •    Utility solutions (water / sewer/ power)

    •    Shared infrastructure completion

    •    Joint Development Agreements (JDA)

    •    Cost Sharing Agreements


Construction Due Diligence and Management 

    •    Due diligence analysis

    •    Budget preparation

    •    Utility coordination

    •    Project schedules

    •    Bid package preparation

    •    Bid supervision

    •    Contract administration

    •    Subcontractor management

    •    City acceptance and city finals

    •    Clean-up work

    •    1 year warranty walks with municipalities

    •    HOA/POA turnover walks

    •    Landscape coordination


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